“The creative process doesn’t end when I close my studio door — the creative process lives in me. I create continuously, I put things together, I change things over and over, I think of colours and forms, I transform my own environment daily, I change the colours of the walls as if they are a canvas, I cut holes in the walls to change the light, I feel the garden growing and changing around me, I grow and change day by day. Everything works together — there’s a house, a garden, me, my work, my life... and now there’s Malgosia Stepnik Space.”


scarf collection • artworks •  wallpaper • cushions • fabrics • fashion  • objects • and more 

Malgosia Stepnik Space, is a hybrid of a shop, art gallery, artist workshop, showroom. It is designed to be  also cultural place where people from different fields meet and become inspired. The Space is friendly , quirky,  friendly environment - comfortable and welcoming. 

The idea is to invite the viewer into the artist's creative space , to share her passions and preoccupations , to entice and entertain with a combination of interior design, paining, structure, display, fashion and fantasy. And of course You'll be able to take elements home with you… As it is a shop too. 

The Space can be used also in the evenings, weekends  for a work  meeting, wine tastings, film viewing etc.